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- September 23-25 

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Harpak-ULMA delivers the lowest total cost of ownership, highest quality packaging automation solutions available for food, medical device, and other non-food producers. Customers seeking to prototype, design, build, implement and maintain packaging automation solutions have relied on us for over 25 years. We help understand and navigate today’s complex, rapidly changing packaging landscape at every step; balancing cost and functionality with innovative or emerging processes, materials, and advanced technologies that enhance profitability and improve market performance of primary and secondary packaging operations. 

Harpak-ULMA offers customers a wide range of fully integrated packaging solutions and superior technical support. Capabilities include tray sealing, filling, flow pack, F/F/S, meal assembly, vacuum, skin, thermoforming, cartoning, sleeving, case packing, automation and robotics. Let our experience in food, medical and non-food packaging drive down your TCO. Come visit us at Pack Expo in booth 6101 to get a hands-on feel for all we can do to make the right package for you. Click here to register, and use code 97J17 for free registration.

End-to-End Automated Packaging

Providing fully integrated, automated packaging lines to help increase throughput, avoid lengthy changeovers, reduce defects, lower labor costs, avoid labor shortages, and create a safer work environment. Learn how you can increase & enhance productivity and reduce operational costs. Secondary packaging options for forming and closing machines, cartoning, case erectors and multipack machines, are part of the solution.

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Collaborative Robots

Collaborative Robots (Cobots), from Universal Robot, are now available as part of our automation capabilities. Cobots exist as a monoblock cell, allowing the flexibility to move between production lines. A variety of available grippers allows for different tasks (including grasping and gripping) to be performed. Cobots are in full compliance with safety regulations, and require no safety guarding. Their minimum footprint makes them ideal for end of line automation.

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Smart, Connected Packaging Machines

  • 80% of manufacturers need better flexibility to address product and packaging varieties
  • 92% value faster system upgrades, replacements and troubleshooting
  • 73% need more access to skilled labor
  • 89% want to improve packaging scalability with additional connections and expansion
  • 68% prefer to streamline worker-safety and training challenges arising from an evolving workforce

Our smart, connected G. Mondini and ULMA packaging platforms utilize Rockwell Automation’s Integrated Architecture to reduce solution complexity and maintenance costs, while realizing better quality, capacity, and throughput.

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Tray Sealing and Forming

You can produce trays with only 2% scrap and up to 38% in material cost savings! G Mondini developed PLATFORM technology used on the Trave tray sealing line, and the new PLATFORMER inline tray former to help you:

  • Reduce warehousing and labor costs
  • Reduce carbon footprint and landfill waste
  • Reduce labor turnover
  • Create new tray formats for 1/3 of the cost

Visit us at Booth 6101 at Pack Expo and see this entire tray forming and sealing line in action.

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A focus on ergonomics, ease-of-use, flexibility and efficiency have helped create machines that will help guarantee the highest return on your investment. With various models all meeting the most stringent requirements of quality, reliability and safety, we offer solutions customized to your needs. We'll have a TFS 507 on display at Pack Expo in Las Vegas.

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The very best in product protection is needed from your automatic flow wrapping machines. ULMA flow wrappers offer:

  • Extended shelf life
  • Available MAP packaging
  • Hygienic washdown design for ensured food safety
  • Dependable design and construction for high-quality output

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Vertical automatic packing machines use a single film roll to obtain a package with three seals: two cross-seals and one longitudinal seals. The TIGHT-BAGTM system, as seen on our VTI 640 machine, has been developed on vertical wrappers with safer products and damage reduction in mind. There are no perforations, so there is no risk of contaminating the product. The amount of air you can extract is adjustable from the operator control display.

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