Show Highlights!

Harpak-ULMA offers packing solutions that help reduce your company's total cost of ownership. At IPPE, we will feature G. Mondini Platformer, G. Mondini TRAVE, ULMA TFS200 MSV, and DIGI HI-700W.



The Brand-new FS400!

The ULMA FS 400 Stretch Shrink Wrapper is a new machine designed specifically for the fresh poultry and meat packaging market segment. Flow-wrap (HFFS) packaging offers producers of poultry and meat the ability to cost-effectively package a wide variety of product sizes and shapes for optimal retail presentation. With superb sanitary design, available Allen Bradley® controls, optional cradled film infeed, and leak-resistant seals, this new machine is a cost-effective, sanitary design flow pack solution that dramatically improves on the original patented technology developed over 20 years ago.

Key Benefits:

  • User friendly machine operation and product changes.
  • High water protection rate to ensure sanitization and cleaning processes. Ultra-reliable machine.
  • Reduced cost of ownership.




G. Mondini Platformer
The All-in-One Solution 

The G. Mondini Platformer was designed to overcome the limitations of a traditional packaging solution that utilizes preformed inventory. With its flexibility and cutting edge tool design you can expect: 

  • Smaller Line Footprint
  • Improved Sustainability 
  • Reduced Changeover Cost
  • High-quality Trays


G. Mondini TRAVE 1000

The G. Mondini TRAVE 1000 was created to be at the heart of any packaging system. The design and construction means this tray sealer can handle the demands of all industrial environments and deliver secure packages across each machine cycle. The attention to detail means this is the most hygienic tray sealer on the market, guaranteeing customers the best possible solution.

  • A unique Mondini screw lifting system delivers high sealing force and precision for controlling the consistency of all sealing parameters.
  • The PLATFORM technology, standard on these tray sealers, delivers unequalled flexibility over a vast range of packaging options.
  • Attention to detail of design and use of quality components at every level of assembly delivers our most reliable and robust tray sealer available today.
  • The hygienic design with no closed cavities eliminates dirt traps, and one main electrical cabinet at the top of the machine allows full wash down capability.

25d445d3-b425-47dc-8a6f-f5d7855a39c7TFS 200 MSV

Versatile Thermoformer for MAP - Skin - Vacuum

The TFS 200 MSV thermoformer has been designed to pack your products in the way you prefer. It can perfom skin packs with 45 mm protruding as well as rigid thermoformed packages with controlled atmosphere or traditional flexible vacuum packages. Rigid and flexible plastic materials are compatible and also combinations with carton. 

  • Reduced Package Cost
  • Increased Productivity
  • Minimal Footprint
  • Faster Tool Changeover




The high speed HI-700W has been designed to be compatible with a variety of Digi labelers, total printers, conveyors, guides and rejectors as well as external devices such as sleevers, scanners, cameras, wrappers and metal detectors.

The single top labeler with tall pack guides boasts a large label roll and offers near edge printing without the need for back feed. The quick release conveyor system is standard on this machine.