Tote Management

Helping the environment, reducing damage to product and lowering costs are all important to your operations. Reusable totes are an important part of that process. Stacking systems, de-stacking systems, tote turners/bale arm closers, pneumatic & servo-driven solutions are all available. Totes can vary in size, dimension and shape, perfect to accommodate varying shapes and package arrangements. Buffer systems are also available, allowing totes to accumulate before entering a de-stacking system. 

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Automation: Modular Systems to Fully Integrated Lines

ULMA Packaging complements its range of fully-automated packaging systems with modular options that meet all of the automation needs of a plant. From row distribution and product-loading systems, to packing in cardboard or plastic boxes, and palletizingNew packaging technologies offer opportunities for market differentiation based on form factor, materials, sustainability, or even compliance.


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Smart, Connected Packaging Machines, Complete With
Allen Bradley Controls

Today’s manufacturing executives don’t have to look far for examples of smart and connected machines revolutionizing the world. The automated, industrial environment may evolve at a less frenetic pace due to greater complexity and higher stakes, but smart and connected packaging platforms are already reshaping concepts like flexibility, efficiency, and safety in today’s packaging environment.

Here's what Industry professionals are talking about for 2020:

  • 80% of Manufacturers Need Better Flexibility to Address Product and Packaging Varieties
  • 92% Value Faster System Upgrades, Replacements and Troubleshooting
  • 73% Need More Access to Skilled Labor
  • 89% Want to Improve Packaging Scalability with Additional Connections and Expansion
  • 68% Prefer to Streamline Worker-Safety and Training Challenges Arising From an Evolving Workforce

Smart, connected G. Mondini and ULMA Packaging platforms utilize Rockwell Automation’s Integrated Architecture to reduce solution complexity and maintenance costs, while realizing better quality, capacity, and throughput.


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