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Bakery Packaging Solutions

The diversity of products, formats and presentations for the bakery segment call for flexible and efficient individual and multipack product packaging solutions. Snack cakes, pastry,  bread, pizza, wraps, buns, biscuits, crackers and wafers, snack bars and sweets. 

Some items require packs that allow a part of the contents to be consumed while leaving the rest for later. For these applications we have re-closable and easy-opening designs. Fermented products like bread require packaging solutions that contribute to their preservation with packages that safeguard freshness and humidity.

Whether its flow-wrapping, thermoforming or tray sealing, we have a bakery solution to suit any packaging need. Our offerings range from manual loading machines to systems featuring integrated automatic loading and unloading and end-of-line units, all the way through to palletization.


Bakery Packaging Videos:

Fully Automated Bar Packaging Biscuits - Flow-wrap Chocolate Croissants - Flow-wrap
Frozen Donuts - Thermoform Group of Muffins - Flow-Wrap Group of Pastries - Flow-wrap
Tortillas in Reclosable Package - Flow-wrap Individually-wrapped Muffins in Bag - Vertical Stacked Biscuits - Flow-wrap


Bakery Packaging Applications

Energy, Protein & Snack Bars



Biscuits, Cookies & Crackers








Chocolate & Candy















Pizzas, Wraps & Tortillas




Snack Cakes




Sweet Baked Goods



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Bakery Packaging Machines



Flow-wrapping creates a seal that is referred to as a non-lap type of seal on the bottom, with crimped end seals. In other words, the product is sealed at the top and bottom with a longitudinal seal down the middle. The process is completely hygienic and is ideal for both food and non-food products. It can offer resealable options as well as MAP to prolong shelf life. 

Flow-wrapping Brochures >



MeatPillar_TFS300A thermoformer forms a tray, or a cavity, from rollstock, then another roll of film is placed over the product and sealed with the bottom film. This creates a horizontal form, fill, and seal.

Thermoforming machines offer the ability to do MAP, vacuum and skin applications. Thermoforming machines can create multi-cavity packs, form packages with easy open and reclosable systems, and can use multiple films in one pack.

Thermoforming Brochures > 


Tray Sealing

MeatPillar_Trave1000A Tray Sealing machine seals a rigid tray with food product inside and heat seals a plastic film to the tray's flange. Tray sealing is ideal for packaging both frozen meals and fresh foods. The seal is airtight and can be used with MAP technology, which prolongs the products shelf life by slowing down harmful bacteria that causes spoilage; or it can serve as a simple dust cover for frozen products where no modified atmosphere requirements exist. 

Tray Sealing and Tray Forming Brochures >


Vertical Bagging

MeatPillar_VTC840Vertical bagging machines use a single film coil to create a package with three weldings: two cross-weldings and one longitudinal welding. Its ideal applications include loose products, granulated products, doughy products or products difficult to handle. The Tight-BagTM system has been developed in order to preserve product quality by optimizing the required volume of the bags. With no perforations, there is no risk of contaminating the product. The amount of air that can be extracted from the package is adjustable by the operator from the control display.

Vertical Bagging Brochures >

Automated Packaging Lines


Automation affords several major benefits for packaging manufacturers. It reduces operational costs by lowering labor costs and minimizing waste from human interaction, increases throughput and productivity, and creates a safer work environment by replacing repetitive and strenuous manual jobs. When it comes to automation, we offer fully integrated lines, from product to pallet. 

Learn more about end-to-end automation solutions >

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